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Maynardville Open-Air Festival

17 January – 10 March 2019


Where: Maynardville Open-Air Theatre
When: Annually from mid-January to mid-March.
The annual Maynardville Open-Air experience is an essential experience, as is the preceding picnic in the park. Each year sees a different Bard-production brought to life on the tree-shrouded stage. Be sure to bring a blanket or two, as the open-air theatre gets quite chilly in the evenings.

This spectacular green wooded park has earned the reputation for one of the best-loved outdoor theatre venues in the Cape Region. It offers its patrons both a beautiful park and lake for pre-show picnics and drinks, as well as a unique wooded 700-seater theatre setting.  Cape Town’s annual Shakespeare under the stars has delighted audiences for 62 years but 2018 took the theatre tradition into a new era with an expanded classical experience called the Maynardville Open-Air Festival.  Showcasing a season of symphony, Shakespeare, ballet, comedy and more, the Festival runs from 17 January – 10 March 2019.


Festival Programme – 2019

Thursday 17-Jan-18 FAMOUSLY INCIDENTAL, Orchestral Classic Concert 20h15
Friday 18-Jan-19 FAMOUSLY INCIDENTAL, Orchestral Classic Concert 20h15
Saturday 19-Jan-19 FAMOUSLY INCIDENTAL, Orchestral Classic Concert 20h15
Sunday 20-Jan-19 NO PERFORMANCE
Monday 21-Jan-19 NO PERFORMANCE
Tuesday 22-Jan-19 NO PERFORMANCE
Wednesday 23-Jan-19 SWINGTIME IN THE PARK 20h15
Thursday 24-Jan-19 SWINGTIME IN THE PARK 20h15
Friday 25-Jan-19 SWINGTIME IN THE PARK 20h15
Saturday 26-Jan-19 SWINGTIME IN THE PARK 20h15
Sunday 27-Jan-19 SWINGTIME IN THE PARK 20h15
Monday 28-Jan-19 NO PERFORMANCE
Tuesday 29-Jan-19 NO PERFORMANCE
Wednesday 30-Jan-19 NO PERFORMANCE
Thursday 31-Jan-19 JESTERS IN THE PARK – SEASON 2 20h15
Friday 1-Feb-19 JESTERS IN THE PARK – SEASON 2 20h15
Saturday 2-Feb-19 JESTERS IN THE PARK – SEASON 2 20h15
Sunday 3-Feb-19 NO PERFORMANCE
Monday 4-Feb-19 NO PERFORMANCE
Tuesday 5-Feb-19 NO PERFORMANCE
Wednesday 6-Feb-19 RICHARD III – Preview 20h15
Thursday 7-Feb-19 RICHARD III – Preview 20h15
Friday 8-Feb-19 RICHARD III – Preview 20h15
Saturday 9-Feb-19 RICHARD III 20h15
Sunday 10-Feb-19 OPERA EVENING IN THE PARK 19h45
Monday 11-Feb-19 RICHARD III 19h45
Tuesday 12-Feb-19 RICHARD III 19h45
Wednesday 13-Feb-19 RICHARD III 20h15
Thursday 14-Feb-19 RICHARD III 20h15
Friday 15-Feb-19 RICHARD III 20h15
Saturday 16-Feb-19 RICHARD III 20h15
Sunday 17-Feb-19 NO PERFORMANCE
Monday 18-Feb-19 RICHARD III 19h45
Tuesday 19-Feb-19 RICHARD III 19h45
Wednesday 20-Feb-19 RICHARD III 20h15
Thursday 21-Feb-19 RICHARD III 20h15
Friday 22-Feb-19 RICHARD III 20h15
Saturday 23-Feb-19 RICHARD III 20h15
Monday 25-Feb-19 RICHARD III 19h45
Tuesday 26-Feb-19 RICHARD III 19h45
Wednesday 27-Feb-19 RICHARD III 20h15
Thursday 28-Feb-19 RICHARD III 20h15
Friday 1-Mar-19 RICHARD III 20h15
Saturday 2-Mar-19 RICHARD III 20h15
Monday 4-Mar-19 RICHARD III 20h15
Tuesday 5-Mar-19 RICHARD III 20h15
Wednesday 6-Mar-19 RICHARD III 20h15
Thursday 7-Mar-19 RICHARD III 20h15
Friday 8-Mar-19 RICHARD III 20h15
Saturday 9-Mar-19 RICHARD III 20h15
Sunday 10-Mar-19 GOSPEL CLASSICS 18h30